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FOCAS questions


Tue, 16 Nov 2010 17:33:33 +0000


Joseph Villarosa <>

I’m on your website now and would like to potentially donate funds
BUT I’ve been burned in the past
So I have a few questions PLEASE, before I donate
Keep scrolling down for two images

  1. I see via an earlier chipin/paypal that FOCUS posted (see WAY below) that you are somehow linked to UNC (  I’m confused, FOCAS is a 501c3, so what is the relationship with UNC?
  2. You say donations are tax deductible, but UNC is NOT a 501c3.  I’m confused (see below)
  3. Does my money do to FOCAS or to UNC and THEN to Focus?
  4. Do you have a license to Solicit funds?  According to the NC Secretary of State, you do not.  Perhaps I searched incorrectly or used the wrong organzational name.  Do you have another name?  Should I search for a UNC related hybrid name?  Please advise.

See two images below
I’m ready to donate, but I need to ensure all is legit
PS: Your website needs to have an email address




Re: FOCAS questions


Fri, 19 Nov 2010 16:58:52 -0500


Joseph Villarosa <>

I have talked to the Charitable solicitations department.  The statute clearly says that we are exempt.  Their interpretation is that we should file with them so that they can certify that we are exempt and they have just sent out a letter asking us to file.  They are aware that thousands of groups in NC with minimal income do not file and there is no penalty for failure to file if the organizations income is less that $5,000

 We have NEVER had income of $5000 in a year and will not this year unless you give us over $2500.  In that case we will have to file next year,paying a fee based on THIS year's income as stated in the statute.  You can verify this by calling the charitable solicitations office
The money for the Robeson suit was set aside and ALL money collected was used for that purpose.  The collection of this money falls within the FOCAS charter and under Federal law is tax deductible.  No one was "duped" and if you say that, it is slander. 

I presume that you have misstated your intention in your original letter and have some connection with the lawsuit;  never the less,  we would be delighted to receive your contribution.  We will file with CSL at the end of the year and expect to be certified as exempt again. 
I am interested to know what your connection is with the Robeson law suit.  We believe that we have done a great public service in aiding the lawsuit and I hope that you agree.




On 11/20/10 5:10 PM, "Joseph Villarosa" <> wrote:

Dear Friends at UNC
I believe the attached complaint against Dr. Cramer is very clear.
Please review.
Thank you
- joseph villarosa

From: Joseph Villarosa <>
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2010 17:53:24 -0500
To: <>,>, <>, <>
Conversation: Complaint against Professor Elliot Cramer
Subject: Re: Complaint against Professor Elliot Cramer

This is my second email
See the NEW email from Professor Cramer
Attached as a PDF
This man is clinically deranged and a VERY poor UNC representative!!!
Note his language!
May I suggest you get your pit bull to back off
Or I will take legal action
I DEMAND an apology
NOT from UNC
But from the Professor
Thank you!

From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Saturday, November 20, 2010 6:05:12 PM
To: Strohm, Leslie Chambers
Subject:  FW: Complaint against Professor Elliot Cramer

Attachments: Cramer rude email.pdf; Professor Elliot Cramer v1.pdf

Attorney Leslie Strohm
I intentionally left your office out of the loop in my prior communiqués
But after getting the last email from Professor Cramer, I now feel this is a potential legal matter
Kindly review the attached
Then discuss with your aforementioned colleagues
I’m hoping someone from UNC will contact me on Monday
I’m also hoping UNC will officially speak with the Professor before then
Thank you
- joseph

From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Monday, November 22, 2010 5:51:51 PM
To: Strohm, Leslie Chambers
Subject:  Re: Complaint against Professor Elliot Cramer

Attachments: Professor Elliot Cramer v1.pdf; Villarosa to UNC Legal.pdf

Dear Colleagues
Please see another document on the good Professor...

From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Monday, November 22, 2010 6:30:23 PM
To: Strohm, Leslie Chambers
Subject:  Re: Complaint against Professor Elliot Cramer

Thank you counselor!
Please review the policies I cited in my first letter.
I have a LIST of well over a dozen breached internal policies.
In addition there were other legal lines he overstepped (think NCSOS).
SOME of which were listed said note.
As well, I just spoon-fed you very clear examples in a second letter.
Should you need full original emails I can send digitally.
FYI, I heard today, from a reliable source, that Cramer contacted Barrett.
The plaintiff in the Robeson lawsuit, which Cramer’s chipin supported via Attorney Gerber.
I also know Gerber called Barrett about this matter.
My point?
ALL THREE violated NCSOS laws, and I feel Cramer is now instigating trouble against ME.
Rather ironic as I violated no law or guideline.
B/c I pointed out his MANY infractions.
I’d therefore appreciate your office enforcing my C&D request by speaking directly to him.
I’m here to help.
I have an attorney involved on my end.
But I remain, pro per/se.
Thanks kindly
- joseph

From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Sunday, November 28, 2010 3:04:19 PM
To: Strohm, Leslie Chambers
Subject:  Re: Complaint against Professor Elliot Cramer

Dear Chancellor and Vice Chancellor
Thanks for looking into the matter with Dr. Cramer
Please note - I just “pinged” his two UNC email addresses
To see if they were valid
(A techie test, NOT via an actual email)
BOTH came back with a very high probability the accounts are STILL active / working
I’m shocked
See below
No one is telling you how to run your battleship
BUT, this Professor is besmirching your good name on many levels
And totally harassed me
AND broke the law!
As such, I was hoping for:

I’m hoping you will be so good as to provide same
He’s obviously been a thorn in your side for some time now
In my mind, neither his age nor his “emeritus” status have NOTHING to do with sanctioning him
I trust you agree
What’s right is right
FYI, I also heard he tried stirring the pot and contracted SEVERAL others about me
Including Attorney Gerber who benefited from his ILLEGAL chipin
This does not make me happy
i.e., He’s pretending to play nice in your eyes, but still harassing me!
Note — I’ve already spoken to the NCSOS
A FEW times
And I have written confirmation that his fundraising violated many state guidelines
EACH of which is punishable by a $10,000 fine
Doubt, me, see the SOS website for the guidelines, they are very clear
Because he co-branded the chipins with the “UNC” email account
I’m entitled to ALSO report UNC to the SOS
I really don’t want to do this
But I will unless I get confirmation that he has been disciplined
He wronged me and I don’t want this swept under the carpet
As I said before, I’m on your side here and look forward to your timely reply
- jpv

From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Wednesday, December 01, 2010 2:57:53 PM
To: Strohm, Leslie Chambers
Subject:  Re: Complaint against Professor Elliot Cramer

Greetings UNC friends
I was hoping for a reply to my below email
Last time I checked -- Cramer still was sending emails via his UNC addy
I find this odd considering the situation
See two bullet points below
- joseph


From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Wednesday, December 01, 2010 9:34:38 PM
To: Strohm, Leslie Chambers
Subject:  Re: Complaint against Professor Elliot Cramer

Thanks counselor
A comment or two please
FYI, in today’s age, it takes seconds/moments to disable two UNC email accounts used by Cramer
Just ping your techie and they will do it in a NY second
Then let the kind professor do HIS business on a public email agent like the rest of us
In my mind, Cramer is intentionally comingling your (UNC’s) good name with his private interests (FOCAS 501c3)
He is using UNC as a “lure” to privately raise money for his charity and for “tax deductible” lawsuit donations
(Tax deductible lawsuit?  Jeez)
Shame on him
This is plain per my documentation
I’m merely pointing this out by providing hard evidence of his errs
I trust you agree
I will back off
But I was hoping for HIS apology and some confirmation he was disciplined
FYI, I WILL pursue a complaint with the NCSOS
NOT again UNC, but against Cramer, personally
And against FOCAS
The SOS has already - voluntarily - begun an investigation
I have written confirmation on this
Warm regards,
- joseph

From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Sunday, December 05, 2010 1:15:46 PM
To: Strohm, Leslie Chambers
Subject:  Re: haven't heard from them

Attorney / Vice Chancellor Storm and Chancellor Thorp (et al)
I’m NOT pleased
I’ve received yet ANOTHER disturbing email from Professor Cramer
EVEN AFTER I’ve now asked UNC SEVERAL TIMES to speak to him and remove his UNC email address
See his email to me below in bold and large font
See also the title of his email to me above “Haven’t heard from them”
Below as well, are your emails to me assuring me you will look into the matter with Dr. Cramer
(He doubts we ever corresponded which signifies UNC has NOT contacted him as I requested!
This is Unacceptable)
As you may recall, I predicted he would continue to harass me unless you removed his UNC email address
I was correct
I received the below email only minutes ago
Note where he doubts we ever corresponded
AND he AGAIN touts me VIA YOUR UNC EMAIL address
I must now insist that UNC strip him of ALL UNC email addresses
As he is using YOUR EMAIL address NOT ONLY for illegal fund raising WITHOUT a license
Please see the email below from the Secretary of state CONFIRMING I am correct!
BUT, to slander and harass others
Per the wonderful press I’ve read about him, at least he didn’t threaten me with a gun
As he did others!
The fact that I requested UNC to police your professor repeatedly -
And you did not,
now makes UNC liable for HIS harassment
I have thus far been cordial & respectful to UNC, but enough is enough
You have clearly not followed up as indicated below by Cramer
I hope I’m being clear
I will await your written confirmation that you:

You do understand, HIS UNC “branded” emails make UNC legally liable?
As such I am now asking UNC to ensure he ceases and desists from further contact
See below emails from you assuring me you would look into this matter
- joseph villarosa




From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Sunday, December 05, 2010 5:28:18 PM
To: Strohm, Leslie Chambers
Subject:  Re: Hello Joe

(Attorney Thompson: I am bcc’ing you on this so we may again discuss Professor Cramer)

Attorney / Vice Chancellor Storm and Chancellor Thorp (et al)
See below for YET ANOTHER email from Cramer
Sent after YET ANOTHER Cease and Desist
Note how he continuous touts me:

Note, every email to him and to UNC has been legally traced
As such, I can see EVERY forward, every read, every “touch” of my emails
See below were you will note that again, Cramer is a liar
He claims all of my emails are automatically placed in the trash
When in reality, he reads them ten or more times
AND has even forwarded them to others without my knowledge
Which is hypocritical as his email stated “the courteous thing to do is to Cc or don't you know how”
I.e., He SECRETLY copied others on my email without my knowledge
While I OPENLY did so on my last and this
See below where Cramer forwarded my email TWO TIMES to someone
Again, kindly have your Professor cease and desist from all emails of ANY nature
I do NOT want to hear from him again
Scroll down for some three goodies


From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Sunday, December 05, 2010 7:13:29 PM
To: Strohm, Leslie Chambers; Nicole Thompson
Subject:  Re: Hello Joe

Attorney Strohm
This is a no brainer
He is breaching your personal use policy
I’ve read it
He is also breaching your code of conduct policies
I’ve read them as well
See my first email to you with other violations
I listed them precisely
May I suggest you immediately “freeze” ALL of his UNC email accounts
This will buy you time to investigate the situation more fully
FYI, I’ve already contacted my attorney who is copied on this email
I’m really hoping we do not have to send you/UNC a cease and desist for Cramer
A waste of my time, counsels and yours...
Just email your tech folks and “freeze” his email accounts
Then force him to use a public email agent until you are comfortable deleting his accounts
I’m a nice guy, but he is harassing me
This is plain as day
In the process, he’s leaving a “UNC digital fingerprint” on every email
In today’s age, all it takes is ONE email from you to:  

And this is over
I trust you agree this is the prudent approach
As he is opening - far and wide – a door of liability
And as I told you before
I have no beef with UNC
But he is your “agent” as evidenced by his UNC email address
I therefore hope someone contacts him and your IT staff
- joseph

From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Sunday, December 05, 2010 8:13:43 PM
To: Strohm, Leslie Chambers
Subject:  Re: Hello Joe

Attorney Strohm
Your recent email and my reply are below
AS WELL as YET ANOTHER caustic email from Cramer
The THIRD today alone
Some highlights – all direct quotes:

Note his last comment, that is a direct threat
See his exact email below the screen images I provided
Allow me to be blunt: Cramer is slandering me under your University email address
This means UNC is slandering me
I have now asked several times --
Kindly freeze his email addresses until you have completed your investigation
If I receive one more email from him and I will go directly to the press and share all
I’ve since identified over a dozen journalists direct email addresses that have written on Cramer
I’m SURE they would LOVE a follow-up article on his “Colt 45” comment
udging from the below, I’m guessing you don’t need any additional press on your profs...
See this:  

  5. And I could go on and on and on, as he’s ALL over the press and NOT casting a favorable light on UNC

Again, I will await confirmation your office has sanctioned Professor Cramer
See 4 articles below
It seems like UNC has had negative press from White Supremacists (Cramer) to public masturbators (Tilson)
I wish I were making this up, but I’m not...
Do you really need more bad press?
Now please do your job
Thank you
- joseph


From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Monday, December 06, 2010 11:25:21 AM
To: Strohm, Leslie Chambers
Subject:  Professor Cramer -- Re: Hello Joe

Attachments: Professor Elliot Cramer v1.pdf

Attorney Strohm
FYI, Cramer sent a 4th email yesterday
See below that I’m providing for your legal files
As well, note the highlighted areas
Then you will see how Cramer’s PERSONAL comments are comingled with UNC branding
A clear conflict of interest
I also direct you to my original communiqué dated 20 November
As your prior email indicted you needed to research the violations
I already did that on November 20 and provided these to you in writing
Therein you will find the precise links to the exact UNC breached guidelines
Finally, please see the UNC policies in the below screenshot
Hint: Black arrow = violations by Cramer
Hint: See Person Use Policy screenshot
You may want to review my attached letter and the below

From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 2010 2:02:49 PM
To: Strohm, Leslie Chambers
Subject:  Professor Cramer: Cease and Desist Request

Attachments: Professor Elliot Cramer.pdf

Attorney Thompson
Per our earlier emails, attached and below (URL) please find a document highlighting Professor Cramer’s missives
His words are in read
They are then highlighted in yellow and green
My documentation is VERY VERY clear
Hopefully this link will work as well, same documentation, PRIVATE URL
(If not, see attached)
In brief, kindly send your cease and desist request to:

Kindly cc. our friends at UNC so they may reinforce the C&D

Please note - he is now using a Bell South email address
And he has recently contacted my ISP!!! (see last email in documentation)
He has also threatened to slander me online
In doing so, he has breached multiple UNC polices:

Part of this is THEIR problem
But when it comes to slandering my name and harassing me, that is a different story
Kindly review my VERY clear documentation
I believe at this point, an email notice will suffice
(See below)
Thank you,
- joseph


From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 2010 10:46:06 PM
To: Strohm, Leslie Chambers
Subject:  Villarosa Cease and Desist to Cramer

Dear UNC
I’m sending the below email from Attorney Thompson via sophisticated and legal tracking email
This way, I know every single time it is “touched” (opened, forwarded, read – and to whom and for how long)
I am letting you know this because I feel UNC is liable if Cramer continues
I’m hoping my attorney’s letter will be taken seriously
I certainly know I’m not joking
As a clear example, please see Professor Cramer’s own words below
ALL of them are here with pretty colors and highlights
For now, this link is private
I’d hate to have to make him any more famous than he already is...
See also the precise policies he violated below
I trust you can figure out the rest

From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Friday, December 10, 2010 12:40:19 AM
To: Strohm, Leslie Chambers
Subject:  Professor Elliot Cramer: BREACH of Cease and Desist Request

Attachments: Professor Elliot Cramer v1 to UNC.pdf; Professor Elliot Cramer v2.pdf; 2010-12-08_2309 cramer is isn't employee.png

Attorney Strohm and Chancellor Holden
Please see the attached document which is updated with the latest and greatest Cramer missives
Some are so outrageous, they are almost comedic
Apparently you didn’t speak to him
Or if you did, he now believes he can commit errs under your email address
THEN switch to a BellSouth address and begin again with a clean slate
Life (and law) don’t work that way
Also note that not only did he violated cease and desists from me
BUT see as well, the several emails he provided AFTER my attorney formally request he cease communication
NOT only has he continued, post facto --
But he has OPENLY slandered me and OPENLY professed he will do so publicly
I’m asking you again to speak to him
Please note he has also “switched hit” several times
When it conveniences him, he boasts about being a faculty member
Then at other times he claims NO relationship to UNC
YET he does so while using an ACTIVE UNC email address which you have still not disabled
See below and attached screenshot
Note where he also said I was harassing UNC
(I’m trying to HELP UNC!!!)
Need I remind you that ALL of this is related to his illegal fundraising for FOCAS
Which he did via a UNC email address
See below screenshot DIRECTLY from the NC Secretary of State
It PROVES I am correct
Lastly, I am copying Robert A. Marotto, who is the Animal Services Director of Orange County
Unless I’m mistaken, Cramer’s FOCAS has been illegally raising money for Mr. Marotto’s shelter
I’m guessing he may like to know about this situation so he could ensure funds are legally raised
Please scroll to see screenshots and see attached
- jpv

Note: Maratto consulted the Orange County Attorney and just ignored the jerk since everything he says is false.

 FOCAS still LEGALLY raises money to help the County shelter.  Charitable Solicitations ALSO ignores the jerk as does UNC.

From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Friday, December 10, 2010 9:45:02 PM
To: Strohm, Leslie Chambers
Subject:  Re: Just couldn't keep your mouth shut, could you

Have fun professor
Just remember, I can make you VERY famous as well
Remember this?
I see TEN read of this thus far on a PRIVATE thread
Care to see 10,000 on a public thread?
So, you can track my software?
I can change my IP address and send my emails from Russia if I wish
Can you?
Your computer skills are like 25 years old
I know, I’ve read your OLD research
Ha ha
I knew that stuff in third grade
OK Professor
PLEASE show me a VALID NC STATE solicitation license for your Gerber Chipin
PLEASE...I’m waiting
NOT reference to an OLD exemption for 2006
And when you are at it I DARE YOU
PROVE that Bella was

Go ahead, I DARE YOU
Please show me ONE lick of evidence
Now, care to see whose computer skills are better?
Ha ha!
Apparently you questioned me invading your privacy in your last email
NOW you have tracking software
Isn’t that a TAD hypocritical?


From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Sunday, December 12, 2010 11:48:20 AM
To: Strohm, Leslie Chambers
Subject:  Professor Cramer Created a Villarosa Website -- Re: As promised

Attachments: 2010-12-12_1101.png; 2010-12-12_1102 PAWS.png; 2010-12-12_1119 APS critic.png

Dear UNC Chancellors & Attorney Thompson
Please see below and click the link in Cramer's email
Note - he created a website JUST to bash me
Also note, this DOES DIRECTLY involves UNC STILL
Scroll down and see that the email he uses for the website
It is a UNC EMAIL address!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One of SEVERAL UNC emails he uses DIRECTLY linked to UNC networks
I wish I were making this up
This also involves UNC as he is clearly breaching your retaliation policy!
Why is he retaliating?
I discovered FOCAS did NOT have a solicitation license
He then lied to me to cover his tracks
I didn't buy it and have confirmation from the NCSOS of his falsehoods
Also - he was an open critic of APS who LOST their solicitation license
See below news article
NOW if it becomes public that his rescue group/FOCAS lost their
He will be embarrassed
See below for PROOF
So far, you have done NOTHING to police Cramer
And I have clearly tried to work with UNC
I now feel you need to contact me directly as he has gone too far
I also feel UNC should take action to remove the below website
AND remove ALL of his access to your networks
(Email addresses, etc.)
He is DIRECTLY leaving UNC's digital fingerprint on ALL of his handiwork
He was also provided a formal cease and desist by Attorney Thompson
He not only breached it -- but he went so far as to now create a WEBSITE on me!
Sadly, see below, HE PULLED IN UNC
See his email address below from ourpaws
A website he advertising on YOUR UNC website!
I've told you before, I hold no malice against UNC
But enough is enough
I'm therefore requesting WE set up a con-call
I will leave this up to you
Kindly provide a time/date on MONDAY
This has to stop
Cramer is absolutely out of control and not only slandering me
BUT - he is squarely placing UNC in a legally liable position
- joseph


From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Sunday, December 12, 2010 3:41:45 PM
To: Strohm, Leslie Chambers
Subject:  Fwd: Re: Professor Cramer -- Fwd: As promised

Attachments: Professor Elliot Cramer v2.pdf; Professor Elliot Cramer v1 to UNC.pdf

Friends at UNC and Attorney Thompson
Kindly scroll all of the way down this email to see certain documentation

  1. Professor Cramer has breached Attorney Thompson's cease and desist
  2. He has continued to harass me VIA UNC email addresses AND via UNC networks AND via UNC websites AND UNC emails!  See the attached document which DOZENS of threats and examples of profanity.
  3. He also has posted completely inaccurate information on his website which is ON your network! (See Reitman info on website and then see her email
  4. I have now identified SEVERAL UNC email addresses he uses (,,
  5. He has also created a website JUST to harass me and it was done on YOUR network!
  6. He is promoting the above slanderous website ON HIS UNC PAGE!!

Enough is enough
I'm hoping we may set up a con-call ASAP to address this matter
I have already contacted his ISP
I have already had my attorney ask him SEVERAL TIMES to C&D
I'm soon to contact campus police and NC authorities
This has gone too too far
And along the way, Cramer has left precise UNC digital fingerprints
Need I remind you, ALL of this, ALL of this, is because I caught him in an illegal fund raising campaign via his email account
See attached document for PROOF of this
Allow me to be clear -- Cramer ILLEGALLY raised funds for his nonprofit via UNC linked paypal account!!!!!
i.e., He is clearly violating your retaliation policy along with personal use policy and many other UNC violations
I cannot for the life of me understand why you have not taken shift and harsh action
See my emails from a few WEEKS ago, where I predicted this would happen unless UNC intervened
You have guidelines, I've read them
Why are you not following them?
Your avoidance on this matter, has - in Cramer's mind -- PERMITTED him to overstep the line
It's time for UNC to act
I look forward to your reply
Please scroll ALL of the way down and also, humor me and see the attached document
Then note your UNC email address on his many posts
- jpv

From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Sunday, December 12, 2010 4:19:56 PM
To: Strohm, Leslie Chambers
Subject:  Re: Better not antagonize her, Joe

Attachments: 2010-12-12_1425 Reitman.png; 2010-11-16_1145 FOCAS NCSOS.png; 2010-12-12_1119 APS critic.png; 2010-12-12_1549 not on paws.png; Professor Elliot Cramer v1 to UNC.pdf; Professor Elliot Cramer v2.pdf

Cramer (cc. To UNC Legal)
I find it comedic that you call me a "scumbag" -- you are a PhD and a Professor
(Please scroll down to see your threat and your exact quote)
Obviously not in English
"Antagonize" Reitman?
I merely contacted her and told her HER/YOUR website is slandering my person
Which CLEARLY it is:
Her reply?
See below
She doesn't even know who your "ourpaws" group is!!!!
Yet you list her as a Vice President and a Board Member!
This means you have a fraudulent animal rights group created with FAKE board members!
Think I'm lkidding?
Read HER OWN WORDS below
In fact, see below, she wrote you to tell you to remove her name from your website!
She doesn't even know what the ourpaws group is!!!
And yet you list her as a VP WITHOUT her knowledge or permission!!
So now you are using HER to threaten me?
I'm copying Ms. Reitman on this as I'm SURE she will NOT be pleased YOU volunteered HER services
Please be advised that I also recently contacted the UNC Police
Just spoke to dispatcher "Vicky"
Doubt me?
Call them to verify if you wish...
I will be filing a complaint against you with the police
I'm tired of this
You've been asked to cease and desist and instead you slander my name and breach my attorney's requests
I find it comedic that you are retaliating against me for pointing out your ILLEGAL chipin through UNC
In the process you have unknowingly violated the UNC retaliation and MANY other policies
In my mind, this is ALL related to APS
See press release below where you criticized them for not having a solicitation license
And now, your own organization is GUILTY of the same!
If I am wrong, PLEASE provide proof of your license since 2006
See below were I PROVE your exemption EXPIRED then
So you were NOT exempt from a license after 2006
I will ALSO be filing charges against the NC Secretary of State
I will let THEM deal with you
And guess what?
See the attache document
They will get ALL of the attached threats from you
Along with the original emails with the UNC IP addresses
In brief, I will be filing complaints with the following:

  1. UNC Police
  2. Chapel Hill Police
  3. BellSouth
  4. UNC legal
  5. NC Secretary of State
  6. EVERY chipin donor to let them know of your fraudulent fund raising
  7. Attorney Thompson

Thanks for using vile language and for your threats
Let's see what I now do to share this with the authorities
PLEASE keep scrolling ALL of the way down...for goodies


From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Sunday, December 12, 2010 6:24:25 PM
To: Strohm, Leslie Chambers
Subject:  Re: Better not antagonize her, Joe

Attachments: 2010-12-12_1803 PAWS NCSOS.png; 2010-12-12_1806 PAWS inc Reitman.png; PAWS INC-ArticlesofIncorporation_230519038.pdf

One more BIG point...
I just researched PAWS
The nonprofit which Cramer cites Reitman as a board member
And where Reitman, BELOW claims she doesn't even know the organization
The same site he posted THIS on about me:
Well, see below Articles of Incorporation on PAWS
Note that Cramer signed it
AND Reitman is listed as an office AGAINST her wishes and knowledge!
I wish I were making this up
And what's worse is that Cramer is using the UNC website to promote PAWS!
AND the slanderous site he created on me
Hence, CRAMER is making two innocent entities liable for HIS actions
See below people
Seems to me, Cramer has some explaining to do
You see with a seven year statute of limitations...
ANY MONEY RAISED by PAWS without a license is ILLEGAL!!!
They had no exemption
They had no license
SAME OFFENSE as FOCAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And yet, Cramer proudly lists these ILLEGAL fund raising organizations on the UNC website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See here:
I will also be filing a complaint against PAWS and FOCAS with the NCSOS now
Thanks to his slanderous UNC derived website

Otherwise we may have a very big lawsuit
Me vs. you all
I'm serious
You have a choice
Associate yourselves with Cramer
And his illegal activities
Or be named in a lawsuit as a co-defendant
I have NO direct issues with Reitman or UNC
BUT you have to agree, your names are LITERALLY In black and white adjacent his
i.e., On Cramer documents, emails and websites
As such, unless they are removed and his websites and emails restricted
I will do what I need to do to protect my good name
See below
My evidence is bullet-proof
Is his?
If you doubt me, go ask the SOS if PAWS and FOCAS has solicitation licenses?
If you doubt me, see Reitman DENYING association with PAWS
And YET her name is listed by Cramer on the incorporation documents
Below shows PAWS in incorporated
Below that PROVES no solicitation license
Below that see where Reitman is listed as an officer
Comedic actually
Sadly, this now causes Reitman and UNC to be liable for Cramer's errs
See also full Article sof Inc. attached


From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Sunday, December 12, 2010 6:44:59 PM
To: Strohm, Leslie Chambers
Subject:  Re: Better not antagonize her, Joe

Attachments: 2010-12-12_1839 FOCAS renew!!.png; 2010-11-16_1145 FOCAS NCSOS.png

I DO apologize for the emails
See below
Straight from the NC Secretary of State
Doubt me?
See here:
Now see below
What does it say/show?
Any questions?
Then see the actual termination status below that
So you see...
FOCAS has no solicitation license and yet collected funds illegally under a UNC email
PAWS ALSO did NOT have a license!!
NCRR ALSO did NOT have a license until recently
Ha ha Professor
I'm going straight to the State on you now
Thanks for the slanderous website on me done on UNC's network
VERY nice
Read and weep
Read and weep

From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Sunday, December 12, 2010 9:19:48 PM
To: Elliot M. Cramer; Strohm, Leslie Chambers; Thorp, Holden
Subject:  Re: Don't bother copying me on your emails to Joe

Your continued harassment is NOT appreciated
I have provided VERY clear records from the NC Secretary of State
And yet, you STILL harass me
FOCAS was/ is NOT exempt in 2010!!!
Only in 2006!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(NC SOS PLEASE comment by responding to all and please clarify!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

You MUST apply to be exempt VERY YEAR
You didn't!
You allowed your exemption to EXPIRE!!!!!!!!!!
I just sent you the EXACT letter from the state which PROVED THIS!!!
And yet you still insist I am wrong!
I JUST spoke to Bonnie Norwood, the NC State listed contact for FOCAS


Your exemption status EXPIRED in 2006
She has stated she has received but has NOT completed the NEW NC SOS paperwork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND she told me minutes ago YOU KNOW THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As she discussed with you!
Want to hear the tape?
The LEGAL TAPE??????????????????????????
AND yet you solicited monies from 2006 to 2010
I am copying the NC SOS on this
Your extortion and your harassment is NOT appreciated
Lets see what happens when we compare your 990's to your Solicitation license!
I will let the STATE do this
Then let's see who has the last laugh
Remember, I spoke to Bonnie Norwood, your FOCAS named board member
She ALSO says she has NOTHING to do with you!
This is NOW TWO board members from FOCAS who refuse to be associated with you
AND a THIRD board member (Reitman) from PAWS who ALSO claims to have NOTHING to do with you
YET, ALL of your files state papers claim they are ACTIVE board members
You have been caught in you lie!
I ask you and NCRR publicly:

  1. Is Reitman a board member AS YOU CLAIM?
  2. Is Norwood a board member AS YOU CLAIM?
  3. Do you have an ACTIVE license for FOCAS?
  4. Did you have a license for FOCAS for the Gerber fundraising?
  5. Did NCRR have a solicitation license for the THREE Bella chipins?
  6. Has NCRR had a license from Inception until only a few months ago?  If not, EVERY PENNY of NCRR money raised was ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ha, what a fool
FOCAS, NCRR and PAWS all broke state laws
And you are pointing the finger to me
Answer the questions please...


From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Sunday, December 12, 2010 9:47:51 PM
To:; Scarlette Gardner; Carolina Jarquin; JayJaharias; Strohm, Leslie Chambers; Thorp, Holden; Elliot M. Cramer
Subject:  Re: Jackass joe

Attorney Gardner and Investigator Jacquin from NC Secretary of State
Please see the comment below from Professor Cramer/FOCAS
Could you please email me back?
And confirm that FOCAS has NOT had a license since 2006
Obviously the good professor does not believe the State
Note his language
Also, I can assure the good professor with my 186 mensa IQ
I do know how to read
Trust me, my 800 verbal SAT proves that
As does my perfect LSAT
I'm a three school ivy leaguer
I've had enough of his grief
Could you please clarify the situation:

I take offense to his comments
Thank you

From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Sunday, December 12, 2010 9:54:44 PM
To: Elliot M. Cramer; NC Rottie
Subject:  Re: Joe villarosa dog thief

This professor and UNC/FOCAS are OUT of control
I'm bcc'ing some of you on this
I want you to see how delusional this man is and how insane NCRR is...
I WISH I were making this up...

On 12/12/10 9:23 PM, wrote:

Yup he's pretty stupid. Ah the trash bin. Good idea for his emails. The NYSP is familiar with him by name. They could tell us if he has a record. So far there are 7 people that are willing to do the attorney "thing". I am sure more will crop up with joeys info all over the web. My site will be up in a few days. I am waiting for everyones emails he sent to them. I am going to make a separate page for every one like one for ncrr. One for FOCUS ect...I am hope to receive the emails in a word document in order of his first email to t his last. So far I have 8 separate pages. Its going to be EPIC. I am going to pay to have it advertised so it will come up immediately when someone does a search on Jackass opps I mean joe Villarosa. I am also going to ask for donations to help fund the attorney cost just for the heck of it. The Get back Bella from the dog thief Fund. He will love that! Oh and sell ( shirts and stickers) that say joseph villarosa is a dog thief with a pic of a jackass. We could have a pic w hi ugly face behind bars. We could make millions off this man.
I am a genius.
Please cosspost far and. WIDE.


rom: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Sunday, December 12, 2010 11:50:59 PM
To:; Thorp, Holden; Strohm, Leslie Chambers
Subject:  Fwd: Don't bother copying me on your emails to Joe

Attachments: Professor Elliot Cramer v1 to UNC.pdf; NCRR slander v1.pdf

Dear NY State Troopers (cc to UNC Legal and UNC Chancellor)
Please see the attached documents / emails
Note the threats and the language
THEN please see that the threats were carried out:
Then please have someone from the Margaretville, NY barrack CALL (NOT visit) me
FYI, I have JUST spoken with the NC UNC police
Dispatcher "Vicky" -- who suggested I contact the NY State Police
UNC request I contact the NYS Troopers
I obviously am doing so now
FYI, the UNC police suggested I submit a complaint against Professor Cramer AND NCRR to them
This is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please see the attached documentation which is VERY clear
I have been slandered
I have been mocked
I have been ridiculed
I have been threatened
My good name has been spread ALL over the internet by UNC's Professor Cramer and NCRR
See also this website created by UNC Professor Cramer and NCRR (above)
Please have a DETECTIVE, NOT a State Trooper, contact me
Then PLEASE have the NY State Trooper DETECTIVE (ONLY) contact the UNC police AND me
Thank you



From: Joseph Villarosa []
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2010 1:38 PM
To:;; UNC Security
Subject: UNC SECURITY/ABUSE -- FORMAL 90 page complaint on Professor Cramer

Dear UNC Hostmaster
Thanks for your time on the phone today
As you suggested, I am also copying the Abuse and Security divisions of IT
Please read the below scribd link VERY VERY carefully
Please download the document
See the MANY emails from Professor Cramer
Then kindly honor my requests to disable ANY and ALL access to UNC networks and emails
He has obviously violated dozens of TOS and other University Guidelines
Everything you need should be provided
IF not, see link in scribd document to SOURCE documents!
If you need ACTUAL emails, I will upload to a cloud
But I feel the attached should suffice as you could easily confirm my documentation
By reviewing Cramer's emails to me through your network
KINDLY get back to me with a case # and a status
Due to severity of this issue and the potential legal consequences
I'm looking for IMMEDIATE resolution
NOT a prolonged investigation
I've already done the investigation
It's attached
Thank you



From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2011 10:02:47 AM
To: Strohm, Leslie Chambers
Subject:  Villarosa v. UNC

Attachments: 2010-11-20_1339 cramer step down 2.png

Dear UNC
See below emails from Kook and Thorp
Then note today's dated...
Then count the number of days between the cited date for a reply and the reality of the situation
Then look back at a dozen or more requests for your ASSISTANCE to "police" Cramer
Then look at your measured response
Hint: There was none!  NONE
Funny, I thought emails and phones work during vacation and over the holidays?
Silly me
THEN look at the slander, damage and legal liability against UNC he has created on my person
Then see the 90 page document HERE for EXACT and PRECISE details
AS WELL as the PRECISE UNC Guidelines that have been violated!
(Please advise if the links do NOT open)
If you think I'm going to go away, you are dead wrong!
I am beyond dismayed by how unprofessional your Legal and Administrative staff have been at UNC
See the emails below
The "first week of January" has come and gone as has "tomorrow" and still not a single email or phone denoting ANY meaningful action
And YET Cramer is STILL slandering me on a daily basis, STILL using his UNC emails and STILL has the website up her created on me!
NOTHING has been done.
Do you get it?
He is USING YOUR NAME to illegally raise money!
He is using YOUR EMAIL address to administer a slanderous website!
He is using YOUR good  (??) name to raise money for a nonprofit!
He is playing you all like a HARP and you are allowing him to do so!
He is also still ILLEGALLY soliciting money WITHOUT a MANDATED NC State Solicitation License
NOR has he replied to TWO requests for compliance from the state for his EXPIRED exemption status
I'm warning, yes warning you in clear language, I want written, DIRECT and ACCEPTABLE ANSWERS within 24 hours or UNC will be sued
Trust me, your digital fingerprint is ALL over his handiwork
AND I have ALREADY "marketed" a "legal brief" of the situation and identified a contingency-based law firm
So NO COST TO ME to pursue legal action
OR -- I may easily take the pro se/pro per route
And trust me, I'm a three school Ivy Leaguer...I know my way around in a court room...even out of state and Federal court rooms
I ALSO know how to spin the media
And with ALL of the explicative and Harassment by Cramer coupled with his prior notoriety --
Who do you think the press will believe?
24 hours, I'm done waiting and dealing with your incompetence, denial and unprofessional
I trust I'm being clear?
See below
- joseph p. villarosa, MBA, MPH





Re: Villarosa v. UNC


Tue, 18 Jan 2011 00:24:50 -0500


Alphanalyst (Gmail) <>


I've "pulled the trigger" (made all docs PUBLIC and shared with press AS PROMISED) on your "Colt 45 Gun Toting Nutty Professor"
Thanks for your profession and courteous reply (that would be sarcasm)
And thanks also for providing me the SAME consideration as my alleged attorney
i.e., You offered to call her and/or speak on the phone, but after months no one called me from UNC!
I intend to use this against you in court as pro se defendants MUST be afforded the SAME rights as an attorney
I set you up, you stepped into my trap
What a fool
I'm NOT letting this go counselor
You've got a big fight on your hands
And I NEVER, EVER lose...
Again, thanks for picking the phone up and calling me
Your name will now be in lights
As many lights as I can turn on
You've now missed NOT ONLY MY deadlines
Enough is enough
- joseph villarosa



From: Joseph Villarosa (Alphanalyst)
Sent: Sunday, January 30, 2011 6:32:22 PM
To: Luger, Laura B
CC: Strohm, Leslie Chambers; Thorp, Holden
Subject:  Re: Villarosa v. UNC

Dear UNC
See below email from Luger
No one has gotten back to me and "shortly" has come and gone
As has the prior promise that someone would get back to me after the holidays
As has the OTHER promise that someone will get back to me after the new year
Yet another delay
See also that Cramer has escalated this matter by teaming with two other parties
One of which has filed a no contact order against me!!!
See this website that Cramer created on me and is promoting by his UNC web page!!!
Read where it says UNC has "NOT been able to substantiate ANY of his claims"
My documentation was VERY VERY clear as were the policies that Cramer violated
I'm hoping someone picks the phone up and/or emails me EARLY next week
If you read my prior emails, I predicted this would spiral out of control and it did!
I tried to work WITH UNC to PREVENT THIS!
I'm not pleased...
I feel UNC has NOT addressed this matter in a professional manner
NOR have you treated me fairly or communicated effectively
- joseph villarosa



From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Sunday, April 17, 2011 8:40:25 PM
To: Thorp, Holden
Subject:  Professor Elliot Cramer

Attachments: G2 23.jpg


Attorney Luger
As I predicted, Cramer has continued to harass not only myself BUT OTHERS on his UNC LINKED and PROMOTED website
I believe one or more individuals have since contacted UNC
Please click: 
Then you will see the DIRECT connection from his main UNC page to his slanderous website
It is now been SIX MONTHS since I first reported this matter to UNC
During this time, there's been NO effective action taken by the University
And NO results presented from your investigation
This is completely unacceptable
In fact, matters have escalated - as now - SEVERAL persons are mentioned on his website
See this page for details and click the Court Order links and the "Another nut-case" link at the bottom of the page
It's been brought to my attention that Cramer has threatened a 75 year old women!!
Please also see how he is mocking me via his UNC police and UNC Legal comments
These are a DIRECT RESULT of your PENDING presentation
i.e., If UNC took action SIX months ago, he obviously wouldn't be poking fun at the situation
In my mind, Cramer is actually INTENTIONALLY provoking me and others
Then if he creates a legal liability for UNC, then you would be FORCED to PROTECT him
I HONESTLY feel that is what is going on here
Your JANUARY email below cites there is an "ongoing campus review of the situation, and expect the campus to communicate with your shortly"

  1. Why hasn't anyone contacted me in THREE MONTHS as you indicated?
  2. What are the results of the investigation?
  3. Why is Cramer still allowed to spew venom from UNC linked websites that were created and administered with UNC email addresses?
  4. Could you please provide an official UNC statement on this matter for my records?
  5. Why hasn't ANYONE called to discuss this matter with me?  I find this VERY unprofessional!

FYI --
Cramer ALSO created OTHER slanderous websites to harass me -- that were UNRELATED to UNC
I've worked with Facebook,, and among others to remove slanderous comments from Cramer
I've spent dozens of hours (DAYS!!!) of my time doing such
I've cleared most of the issues through the appropriate legal channels
Meantime Cramer and company had MY and 4shared accounts deleted in retaliation!
(Hence, many of my below links do not work as Cramer removed the evidence!!)
This is beyond a waste of OUR time
I'm TRYING to put this behind me, but I cannot as he just refuses to go away or remove his website
I'm trying to be respectful of UNC, but you've clearly dropped the ball
I've NOT contacted your board of governors again
I've NOT worked with the press
But I've had NO reciprocation at ALL!
Lastly, please note, I just lost TWO six figure engagements as a result of the Cramer slander!!!!!!!
This is NOT hyperbole
The FACT that I first reported this issue in NOVEMBER of 2010 - SIX months ago -- means if Cramer was policed by UNC, I may not have lost these engagements
So what was once an exercise in finder pointing, has now turned into a DIRECT SIX FIGURE MONETARY LOSS
I would therefore like to finally garner UNC's help in removing Cramer's website and disciplining him through your channels
This beats multiple lawsuits and the alternatives
I trust you agree

joseph villarosa


From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Monday, April 18, 2011 11:52:39 PM
To: Cleveland, Joanna Carey
Subject:  Fwd: Professor Elliot Cramer

Attachments: Elliot Cramer Complaint v6.pdf

UNC Legal
Per my return receipt, Chancellor Thorp read my prior email yesterday but did not reply
Nor did Luger or Strohm -- who may not have reviewed it yet
Nor has anyone in a few MONTHS
Could SOMEONE please ask Attorney Strohm or Attorney Luger to contact me?
See the attached for a summary on Professor Cramer
See also the below email thread
This is a serious LEGAL issue that has been pending for SIX months
I've been more than patient and I'd like to work with UNC to resolve the open items
BUT -- I cannot do this in a vacuum; I need open dialog
Thank you
- joseph villarosa




From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2011 8:52:11 PM
To: Waddell, Stan Adolphus
Subject:  IT complaint against UNC Professor Elliot Cramer

Attachments: Elliot Cramer Complaint v6.pdf

Mr. Waddell and Mr. Padilla
I located your names here:
I'm hoping you could help since no other UNC department has been of much service
FYI, this entire situation is directly related to the ITS department
Breaches of MANY of your policies by Professor Elliot Cramer
Please see the attached document as well as the the below email thread
It's long, but a quick read
In brief, Cramer has violated just about every IT / Security / Privacy and related policy under the UNC sun
Some is explained in the attached
Some I will explain on the phone if you like
Some others may include  --

The attached lists other UNC policies he's violated
I also have screenshots of MANY other violations derived from this page
MANY are DIRECTLY related to YOUR "Information Security" section
I know, I've downloaded each and reviewed
In fact, I've reviewed every single university policy and have a detailed list with examples of ALL breaches
It's silly, how long my list is
But what is more comedic is that UNC legal has NOT even made a SINGLE call to follow up in SIX MONTHS!!!
As such, I now feel it to be appropriate to go to your department as it ALL centers around Cramer's questionable use of technology!!!
FYI, see below, I was told the University investigated him
But no one provided me ANY feedback
I'm GUESSING (bet'cha a nickle) your department wasn't even involved in this investigation EVEN THOUGH it was 100% related to ITS!
I'm therefore hoping you will review the attached
Then CALL ME to discuss
THEN, perhaps you could speak to Legal and close the loop
I'm frustrated I'm being ignored by other UNC departments
I'm really hoping you will help
Because I'm trying to report a number of serious IT related LEGAL issues
And your legal folks JUST DON'T GET IT
I'm hoping the IT folks can educate the UNC lawyers!
As such, it places your university and your department in an unfortunate situation should a lawsuit get filed
The evidence is clear as are your policies that have been breached
As well, it's abundantly clear UNC legal is covering this mess up -- possibly at your expense
But I'm being slandered and harassed by one of your professors and I want it to end
Kindly have someone call me tomorrow
Feel free to circulate my email to others in ITS
Kindly provide the professional courtesy of a phone call
joseph villarosa




From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 6:28:13 PM
To: Waddell, Stan Adolphus
Subject:  Re: IT complaint against UNC Professor Elliot Cramer

Mr. Waddell and Mr. Padilla
I was hoping for a reply
I see Padilla reviewed my email several times and even forwarded it to UNC IP #
Now I'd love some comments or to schedule a time to chat
I'd also like to speak to UNC legal on the same call if you could arrange
(They have NOT replied to my emails)
I'm sure you have skype, so perhaps we could vid-chat
Please advise
- jospeh




From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 7:11:15 PM
To: Thorp, Holden
Subject:  Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Professor Elliot Cramer

Attachments: 2011-04-20_1842 Thorp.png

Chancellor Thorp
Thanks for reading my below email
(see below screenshot confirming same)
Sadly, no one from UNC replied to this or ANY other emails in FOUR months
Thus far, I've reached out to several departments, to no avail
(HR, ITS, Legal, UNC Police, etc.)
I even had my attorney contact Luger to inform her I'm pro se
And that UNC should deal directly with me on this matter
Oddly, after Luger invited my attorney to chat
AFTER she found out I was pro se, she REFUSED to speak to me
I just don't understand why I'm not being provided the courtesy of a reply
I'm trying to point out over two dozen UNC policy breaches by Cramer
One would think you would be appreciative of this as it may PREVENT more serious actions by Cramer
By the way, I have been informed that Cramer AGAIN threatened someone with a gun!!
Only this time, it was a 75 year old women!
See his website where he openly touts her:
See Faith Walker link
Luckily he did NOT take action
How would this look in the media if he did AFTER my MANY warnings that he was dangerous?
How would this look after his prior incident where which resulting in his resignation?
The man is obviously deranged and in my opinion COULD inflict bodily harm to others
And yet, I've not been provided the investigation results, ANY emails, or witnessed ANY changes in his actions or website
In fact, matters are worse
To be blunt -- I feel UNC is covering up the Cramer scandal and leaving me hung out to dry!
It's been four months since UNC has contact me
During that time, he has ADDED names to his slanderous website
And he has harassed several others who are all upset by his actions
I know for a fact that a few have already contacted attorneys for legal actions AGAINST UNC
Again, I predicted this could escalate to legal maneuvers and tried to work with your office to prevent same
I believe one person recently took Cramer to court two days ago --
DIRECTLY related to the SAME situation I've presented
(I'm trying to get details and will share if you like)
Kindly have someone from your office or Legal contact me immediately
Some of my goals include:

  1. Ensure UNC disciplines Cramer accordingly based on a FORMAL investigation
  2. The above referenced website and ALL google search results links should ALL be removed
  3. Cramer's multiple email addresses used to solicit funds for his personal projects - be revoked (, etc)
  4. FOUR YEARS of UNC co-branded ( fundraising when he did NOT have a solicitation license - should be investigated

Lastly, please note - I maintain documentation indicating I just lost TWO six figure consulting projects due to Cramer!
He has DIRECTLY contacted dozens of people I know, including my Pastor and business associates
He has also worked with others to send bulk emails out about me!!
As well, if one googles my name, there are scores of slanderous Cramer links about me
I've had to consult THREE attorneys and have spent dozens of hours trying to remove SOME of the links
Cramer's venom has now resulted in the quantifiable loss of over $200,000 in income!!
The questions is -- what income did I lose thanks to Cramer - that I cannot measure?
What "harm" did he slander cause?
I contacted your office SIX months ago to PREVENT EXACTLY THIS type of a situation
So not only have I lost significant sums, but my personal and professional reputation is now tarnished
And on TOP of this -- the worst of all is -- he threatened a 75 year old with a gun!
Had anything happened to her and UNC could have been sued for countless millions!
As it was ALL related to MY original situation and the lack of discipline by UNC!
I hope you agree it's time UNC take serious actions against Cramer
BEFORE he slanders another
BEFORE he shoots someone (which I feel is in him)
BEFORE he creates MULTIPLE UNC lawsuits
He is a disgrace to your fine University and a threat to the safety of others
Kindly reply by the end of this business week or have Legal contact me by Friday please
My thanks



rom: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 10:19:55 PM
To: Thorp, Holden
Subject:  Re: Professor Elliot Cramer

Attachments: 2011-04-20_2112 faculty.png

I'm insulted by your reply.

  1. First you correspond with me, and then play "hard to get", then AFTER contacting me -- out of the blue you told me you couldn't correspond as I have an attorney.  BUT you would be happy to speak to me if represented by an attorney.  I then had the attorney in question contact you and tell you I was pro se.  Then when I took you up on your offer to speak, you played opossum and NEVER replied in FOUR months even AFTER you volunteered to chat.  This was AFTER you clearly told me the University would be in touch with me shortly.  Is four months = "shortly"? 
  2. NOW you tell me that after months of waiting - you FINALLY figured out that this was "not a university matter".  Did this really take FOUR MONTHS -- or was it a stall and a deflection technique counselor?  Please!
  3. You also told me in January that the university was formally investigating Cramer.  Ah... -- why formally investigate if Cramer was outside the purview of your laws to begin with?  Your reasoning is illogical!  Now four months later you tell me Cramer is not affiliated with the University EVEN THOUGH I sent you dozens of UNC labeled emails (from him) in my 93 page tome.  This is also comedic because Cramer is all over the web telling people he is an active faculty member!  Doubt me, see below.  In fact, he STILL signs his email with a UNC title! 
  4. As well, I PROVED to you he is/was using MULTIPLE UNC branded emails (,, and others).  As such, whether he has contacted me recently is irrelevant.  As the damage was already done.  (I also have him blacklisted so he cannot contact from his UNC email address!  So if he wrote, I would NOT know, so he MAY HAVE!) Further, he created the www.ourpaws.indfo website containing slanderous information about several persons.  And it is clearly promoted on his official UNC website:  Click this link and see the ADVERTISED UNC link to "PAWS" -- click it and you will see my name and the name of others.  Click this then:  Hence, UNC is allowing and even PROMOTING his slander!  (It's painfully obvious you told him to NOT contact me with his UNC address and it's also obvious you told him to bury certain other website links and email addresses tied to UNC.  Luckily, I have documentation of these changes to validate my point!).  May I HIGHLY suggest you revisit my 93 page document as much of it did not assimilate.  See also how he sites UNC in TWO comments.  Do you agree with these? 
  5. You should also know that BOTH the PAWS site AND the FOCAS sites are/were BOTH administered by UNC email addresses and created ON YOUR NETWORK!  I've already provided proof.  As do I have PROOF that his slander and venom came directly from Carmer's UNC IP address!!!  
  6. Cramer set up a PayPal account with a UNC email address.  This means he legitimized his illegal fundraising by using UNC's good name!  He then channeled the money THROUGH A UNC email address to get paid!!!
  7. I've also reviewed ALL (I mean ALL) of your policies, including the ITS policies.  And they say NOTHING about a double standard for active vs. inactive faculty.  The policies are single tiered and apply universally to ALL REGARDLESS!  You know this!  I know this.  PLEASE --  no games.  I have documented that Cramer has violated over TWO DOZEN misc. UNC policies!  And NOW your way out of this is to THINK that I would believe that he is an inactive faculty member and outside of your guidelines.  I don't buy this for a second, again, you are deflecting.
  8. If Cramer was outside of all UNC laws, and NOT affiliated with the University, why did Thorp ask him to resign from his UNIVERSITY POST in 2009 -- FIFTEEN YEARS after you claim his ties to the University ended???   Ha!  He did this to legally distance the University from Cramer, JUST AS YOU ARE NOW DOING AGAIN!!!
  9. Bottom-line?  If Cramer is using UNC email addresses (PLURAL), then he is 100% under ALL of your policies!  You are wrong in asserting he is outside of these!
  10. OH, one more thing.  Consider this my formal request for the following:

I fully understand your open records policy ("public record") and the limits of FOIL/FOIA -- so kindly advise on your precise UNC policy to request same as I really don't want to dance back and forth for six MORE months.  And please, don't play the FEPRA or any or card, as I'm well aware of your recent court LOSS. -- heck, I even know ALL about this...
OK, I've tried my best to work WITH UNC
It's obvious you take no responsibility for Cramer's actions EVEN THOUGH I have the UNC digital fingerprint on his EVERY MOVE!
He is hiding behind you
And you are hiding behind a very lame excuse that will be laughed out of court
Cramer has committed everything from illegal solicitations without a state license to slander and even death threats to a 75 year old women!
I've had enough.
I will now do what I need to do.
- joseph villarosa



From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2011 2:30:03 PM
To: Padilla, Ramon
Subject:  IT complaint against UNC Professor Elliot Cramer

Attachments: 2011-04-21_1436 padilla.png

Thanks for again reading my email
This is the 11th "touch" between both emails I've sent
So there must be a genuine interest in what is going on
Why no reply?
I'm trying to help UNC
But I can't if I'm ignored...





From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Sunday, April 24, 2011 11:54:46 PM
To: Stabile, Regina
Subject:  Re: Professor Elliot Cramer

Attachments: Cramer on FB.jpg; VillarosaFBIFOILv2.pdf

Dear Attorney Strohm
As a former Yale Alumni Club President, Harvard Fellow AND the President of ALL Ivy League Schools (Ivy League Association) Alumni Organizations, I have utmost respect for your position protecting the good name of UNC.  But, "enough is enough"!  I've just searched Cramer's website to find your two-faced dialog with him that totally contradicts your below email to me AND contains his open mocking of you/UNC!  Doubt me?  Oh no, I never lie -- see: then see the Leslie Strohm Link!  Then see this link were he openly mocks YOU AND UNC!  -- FYI, this was precisely why I submitted a FOIL and NC Public Records requests to UNC/Attorney Stabile (that is cc'd on this email for professional courtesy).  Why?  To see how UNC is spinning me.  AND YOU ARE!!!  NOW I HAVE PROOF that BOTH UNC AND CRAMER have BOTH INTENTIONALLY LIED!  Need I remind you, this is grounds for a HUGE LAWSUIT COUNSELOR!  All due to YOUR errs in handling this situation!  I'm NOT litigious and I highly respect UNC, but I'm also not happy with your games or the games of Cramer.  I've already interviewed SEVERAL blue-chip law firms.  Please don't force my hand.  I'm TRYING to work WITH UNC and you have given me now NO CHOICE!!!  Some additional comments:

  1. Please AGAIN refer to my 93 page document for precise emails from Cramer's UNC emails addressed to me!!  I have unequicocal PROOF of cyber-harassment against my person.  Should I file charges, UNC WILL be also named.
  2. Please contact the NCSOS and ask for Attorney Gardner (also copied on this email) and ask her these PRECISE questions:
  3. Cramer states that I made "False Statements" -- I stand by every statement I made against Cramer and have provided Meta-documentation to substantiate same.  He clearly abused your personal use police and a few DOZEN OTHER policies -- including MANY from ITS!  Heck I have your own words CONFIRMING I AM CORRECT!!!
  4. Your letter to Cramer states that you ascertained that I WAS CORRECT and that Cramer DID in fact use the account for PERSONAL financial gains!  Yet, your letter to me did not indicate ANY such admission.  I find this to be unethical and duplicitous; typical attorney!  Shame on you!  Instead of telling me I was correct, you denied ANY wrong doing and even protected Cramer by your FOUR MONTH silence and avoidance and yet, you criticized him personally.  Need I remind you, this is hypocritical!
  5.  As well, your email to me (below) played coy and "dumb" when you stated there was no link betweem Cramer and UNC, yet in your letter to him on Jan 17 (below) -- you clearly cite you personally noted this exact link!  Again, you lied to me and I just proved it!  Shame on you ONCE AGAIN! 
  6. Further, you claim he is NOT affiliated with the University and therefore this is NOT a University issue YET you AGAIN contradicted yourself when you asked Cramer to remove links on his university account.  Curious.  You tell me one thing, play and spin me and then tell Cramer to do EXACTLY what I've asked for SIX MONTHS!!  Again, this is why I've requested ALL UNC emails with Cramer.  I'm SURE I will find other such falsehoods.  I'm NOT pleased!!!  Your actions are reprehensible and frankly, I feel YOU need to be disciplined as you just breached several of the University ethics policies!!
  7. After reading the Jan. 19 2011 Cramer / Thorp email - it's painfully obvious Cramer is working with Thorp to mitigate YWC collateral damages by garnering Cramer's assistance in a barter deal related to ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm clearly and formally warning you -- do NOT use me as a political pawn.  If you do, I will climb to the highest mountain and shout your actions -- LEGALLY -- to the world.  I trust I'm being clear?
  8. As well, I waited  FOUR MONTHS for a reply to your investigation and yet, the Jan 19 email indicated you HAD RESULTS FOUR MONTHS AGO and INTENTIONALLY WITHHELD SAME FROM ME!  Shame on UNC ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. In the same email, I find it comedic that Cramer, who manages the FOCAS website claimed to not know ANYTHING about the paypal account EVEN THOUGH I've provided CLEAR PROOF that he ADVERTISED IT OPENLY on FaceBook and on his websites!!  See below for PROOF of this.  Additionally, Cramer is the head of FOCAS, so regardless, the buck stops with him!!  Cramer states "20 of these were in connection with the Robeson Shelter which was a special case for which we did NOT solicit"  -- oh really?  See ONE example below to disprove this.  I've DOZENS of other solicitations from Cramer!!  He too is a liar!!  Thus far, BOTH UNC AND CRAMER HAVE LIED TO ME!  I'm NOT HAPPY!
  10. Cramer stated "We did NOT solicit funds for the Robeson County Lawsuit" -- huh?  Yet another lie!  See below
  11. I find it funny that Cramer is now claiming HIS right to free speech was violated by UNC AND that he "consider(s) (sic) this to be harassment by the University".  Ha!  So funny.  First he hides behind the University and then when you question him, he lumps UNC in the same group of "harassers" as me!  Jeez!  How does it feel to be a cyber-stalker? Impish boy-like grin.
  12. I see where Cramer states "I don't think the University needs this type of publicity again".  Translation?  He's basically TELLING UNC to "bury this" and "make it go away" - at MY expense!  I get it; I get it - but no thanks.  I'm NOT going away!
  13. Note your/Strohm's email to Cramer where she states (below) "...This is a violation of University Policy".  Yet ironically, as stated above, UNC never presented the results of your investigation.  And instead, intentionally avoided SEVERAL emails asking for a status.  I won't say "shame on you" again.  But you get it...right?  See as well where you/Strohm cite the penalties to Cramer and YET, you claimed to me, that is NOT affiliated with the University and this is NOT a University matter!  PLEASE, you've been now caught with your shorts around your ankles and I now DEMAND an apology or I WILL GO PUBLIC WITH THIS.  This is NOT a threat, this is my civic duty and RIGHT!
  14. Note Cramer's statement:  "This investigation is a result of harassment by Joseph Villarosa who is now the subject of a complaint to the FBI for Internet Harassment".  Please see the attached OFFICIAL FOIL RESULTS from the FBI that clearly states, there is NO FBI file!!!  Again, Cramer is making statements he cannot substantiate!
  15. Lastly as a point of interest, please note that Barrett (Cramer's partner in Crime who FABRICATED a "Death threat" by INTENTIONALLY MANIPULATED my correction to a typo ( a YEAR LATER!) and added the word you ("U") and made a correction a "threat" -- "dead = dear" was intentionally edited by Barrett to "dead = U dear".  Then she took this and got a restraining order against me.  It was a flat-out lie.  And I have since reported Barrett to the Forsyth County DA, the FBI, etc.  My point is that Cramer insists I am a "nut", a "turd" and a "cyber-stalker".  I am merely someone who refuses to take his grief.  And I have stood up to him and he doesn't like meeting his superior.  

In closing, I've the following STRONG suggestions:

  1. Disable EVERY UNC email account for Cramer (,,, as he is CLEARLY USING UNC as "bait" from which to legitimatize ILLEGAL fund-raising and thus, ILLEGAL profits!  i.e., He claimed monies donated to Susan Barrett's legal funds to Attorney Gerber were "tax free".  WTF?  He was using UNC to launder MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Then he cried that he wasn't aware of the email address of the chipin account.  PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!  Get rid of his email accounts as he is a disgrace to your University!  He is also squarely positioning UNC in a position for MULTIPLE LAWSUITS (Villarosa, Fisher, Castillo, Walker, etc.).
  2. I want an apology for the above referenced "dichotomies" (LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).  I'm NOT HAPPY!
  3. I want UNC to IMMEDIATELY REMOVE the page and ALL OTHER Cramer pages linked to my name -- COMPLETELY removed BOTH from his hosting site AND from ALL google searches.  There is an important distinction.  One could remove the page BUT it could linger on Google search results for YEARS!!  I want BOTH removed IMMEDIATELY!  After reading your CONTRADICTORY emails in January -- It's obvious UNC is playing both sides against the fence.  Enough, I now DEMAND you take action and insist Cramer remove ALL ourpaws pages related to my person.  See my prior documentation that PROVES BOTH his FOCAS and OURPAWS websites were created AND managed by UNC email accounts!! There IS a undeniable link to UNC and there a UNC digital fingerprint that is OBVIOUS.  Enough.   
  4. I really do NOT want to take legal actions against Cramer OR UNC, but you are forcing my hand by your blunders.  I'm now providing YET another opportunity to redeem UNC's good name.  Please don't blow it the right thing!  Why?  Because when I get the FOIL and NC Public Records results, I'm going to find MORE dirt on UNC and Cramer.  So it's probably better to make amends NOW; don't you think? 

As you've ignored MANY emails, kindly reply to this one by Wednesday.  See the below screenshots AND the SEVERAL emails lifted from Cramer's website below, they are VERY important.  See also my attached FBI CLEAN FOIL.
joseph villarosa


From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Monday, April 25, 2011 6:25:45 PM
To: Stabile, Regina
Subject:  Cramer has ADDED PAGES about US to his website

Attachments: 2011-04-25_1716 Cramer new link.png; 2011-04-25_1720 new link ourpaws.png

Attorney Strohm, Attorney Luger, Attorney Stabile and Chancellor Thorp
Cramer is "at it" again...
Did you see that Cramer  ADDED a link to his official UNC website to OUR conversations?
i.e., WITHOUT my permission, he just made OUR conversations and yours/his PUBLIC!
See this link for more
Then see the bottom of the web page
Do you know he also discussed US in a newspaper article????????????????????
Some comments:

  1. Cramer added private INFORMATION linked (bottom of the page) to his OFFICIAL UNC PAGE!  Please see screen image below.
  2. INSTEAD OF REMOVING DEROGATORY INFORMATION -- HE ADDED ADDITIONAL MATERIAL!  Wasn't the point of your intervention to remedy the problem; not create NEW problems?  Clearly Cramer is belligerent and loves to "toy" with UNC and others.
  3. He also used my FULL NAME in the link which means it will SOON by available via ALL google searches in a few days!!!!!!!!!!!!  This also means I will AGAIN have to spend countless hours TRYING to remove this page from search results -- probably with NO luck!  This is clearly an example of Cramer's passive aggressive nature!  i.e., He is retaliating against your intervention and requests by ADDING information about US on his ourpaws website while concurrently removing the direct link from his official UNC page.  Hence, he is honoring your request and then intentionally adding fuel to the fire at the SAME time!  Ugh.
  4. He DID remove the ourpaws LINK from his UNC page but NOT the reference to it!  So UNC is STILL TIED to the slanderous UNC page!! 
  5. See this and click the link: -- he did NOT remove the page in question NOR did he remove the link as you requested him.  The link to this page is very much alive and well.  He also did NOT remove ANY of the google search links tied to the actual web pages.  So -- matters are actually WORSE NOW than BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Cramer also ADDED a NEW link on the ourpaws website that is provided in the below screenshot. I repeat for emphasis -- he ADDED MORE INFORMATION!
  7. If one then clicks the referenced link you then will see Cramer ALSO ADDED a NEWSPAPER ARTICLE ABOUT US in the Chapel Hill Herald!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I wish I was kidding.  Do you know this?  He BLASTS UNC!  -- I don't get it folks --  why don't you completely disassociate yourself with Cramer?  Are you afraid of a lawsuit by him?  Or does he have certain information related to his "Colt 45" saga that he is holding over UNC rendering your someone powerless?  What's up people?  Something doesn't make sense.
  8. Cramer is CLEARLY mocking and ridiculing BOTH OF US AND SEVERAL OTHERS!!! And he is STILL "co-mingling" OurPaws with Joseph Villarosa with UNC!!!  In FACT, he's ADDED META-content to his websites and now even a newspaper article!!!!!!!!!
  9. FYI -- Attorney Stabile has NOT contacted me for my FOIL and NC Public Records Requests...please encourage her to do so.  After all of this, I don't need additional delays.   
  10. See the Cramer article -- see how he references me as "The New Yorker" and he tries to pull in credibility by quoting Attorney Reppy from Duke.  Reppy has NOTHING to do with ANY of this!!  This is plainly a smear campaign because I caught Cramer soliciting funds without a license for FOUR YEARS.  This is 100% "retaliation" which is YET ANOTHER UNC policy breach!!  See as well where Cramer slams Attorney Strohm.  Perhaps it's time this gets escalated to Luger's office or to outside counsel?  (I'm serious)
  11. NO ONE has bothered to pick up a phone and provide me with the courtesy of a phone conversation - don't you think it's time?  Kindly advise.

I was hoping your help would assuage the situation
Instead -- it was like poking a stick in the eye of a sleeping giant
Now Cramer is slandering us BOTH and calling us both "harassers" (see his direct quote in article)
May I suggest consideration of the following action to protect OUR "interests"

He's clearly violated about two DOZEN UNC policies  -- I can send you the FULL list if you wish
He's therefore legally lost his right to have a UNC web page
I've read your policies, this is clearly YOUR decision
It's time he be sent a message
Please consider legal action (court order to remove his ourpaws SITE) and your dissolution of his UNC page and ALL content
It's WELL overdue
And it may also be the "olive branch" I need to discontinue my chats with prospective law firms
As I have far better things to do than this -- as do you
Don't you have a University to run?
PLEASE provide the courtesy of a reply and detailed feedback
See below images and see ALL links
Thank you


From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Monday, April 25, 2011 12:38:45 AM
To: Stabile, Regina
Subject:  Re: Professor Elliot Cramer

Attachments: 2011-04-25_0025 cramer google 2.png; 2011-04-25_0023 cramer google.png

Attorney Strohn (et al.)
I apologize for the follow-up email but I wanted to make one other IMPORTANT point...
Please see this google link based upon my name "Joseph Villarosa":,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=bce1d2c2cef6738f
Note were a FEW of the Cramer "ourpaws" website results show-up
And NOT just the MAIN page but pages that are NOT reference on the MAIN page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See below screenshots
Note that it took me DOZENS of emails and DOZENS of hours to REMOVE the MANY Cramer links to my name and his site
I had to contact Google
I had to contact
I had to contact MANY OTHER websites and groups
Now there are only a FEW derogatory links left
But only ONE is ENOUGH to slander my good name
As such, Cramer/UNC directly caused me to lose TWO six figure projects!
This is NOT my ONLY point...
NOW see THIS google search based on " strohm"
Eneter it yourself into google if you doubt me!!!,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=bce1d2c2cef6738f
And NOTE that YOUR NAME and Cramer's website are comingled / co-referenced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See also below
My point?
So far UNC is lucky as THIS Page -- -- is NOT picked up by the google search "spiders"
BUT it is ONLY a matter of time before it is!!!!!!!!!!!
THEN ALL of your emails to Cramer will be posted ALL OVER THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hence, perhaps NOW UNC is FINALLY getting a taste of the Cramer "Medicine" he has been dishing out to me
How does it feel to have your name memorialized, ad infinitum counselor?
With NO WAY YOU can PERSONALLY get the website links removed?
Feels good doesn't it?
ALL -- Ironically because you didn't listen to me SIX MONTHS AGO!!!!!!!!!
Allow me to be clear
Only HE can remove it by requesting same from Google
If he removes the LIVE PAGE, the saved or "cached" page will remain for YEARS!
As such, NOW you can hopefully "taste" a dose of Cramer's "medicine"
The "medicine" I've been TRYING to work with UNC to PREVENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get do you get it now counselor?
Now do you see why I've beggedUNC to work WITH ME for SIX months?????????????????
Boy is UNC "obtuse"  (DENSE!)
See below
I expect a formal written apology from UNC legal and the UNC chancellor
Or I will force this all to go viral on the net
It is a 1st amendment right!
- joseph villarosa


From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Tuesday, April 26, 2011 10:15:48 PM
To: Thorp, Holden
Subject:  Cramer update to Faith Walker (cc. UNC)

Faith Walker (cc UNC)
I'm sending you this email as apparently you've also had troubles with Professor Cramer
I believe he recently threatened you and slandered you on his website

NOTE EMC: This is news to me; I’d like to see documentation ofthis

And you've since discussed same with UNC

FYI, I just spoke to the head of the ATT/BellSouth Abuse department and they've already provided him a formal abuse warning
As well I spoke to legal/management at and they DELETED his account
As did others!
In addition, Google legal has helped to block some of his slanderous links!!!
*** Note EMC  This is all news to me


This has taken an inordinate amount of time and effort
And yet his site STILL lingers!!!
ATT told me one more peep out of him and his entire net and email access and will be revoked
That said, I just checked ALL of his email addresses to see if ANYONE took any measures against Cramer:

Oddly I got a positive validation on EVERY email meaning that all SEEM to be working
FYI -- you could use one of these tools to check yourself,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=5a7627f4ddf7f63
This means UNC did NOT delete his ourpaws or FOCAS email addresses
And he still has TWO Cramer email addresses at UNC
I'm copying our friends at UNC on this so they know
One would think the least they could do is to revoke his non-official email addresses
After all, why can't he just set up a FOCAS and OURPAWS email address at gmail or another free site?
PERHAPS I'm wrong, but I checked my tests a FEW times
As well, please see a recent email thread below
VERY important
I'm sending it as I strongly feel that between the harassment WE received from Cramer --
Coupled with his recent threat to you -- that UNC should FINALLY take action to harshly sanction Cramer
As I'm unsure when last you spoke to UNC, this email is an attempt to keep us all in active dialog
I believe Susan Boyd Fisher is ALSO upset with Cramer
But she is dealing with medical issues at the moment
I'm hoping she will ALSO contact UNC to let them know of HER harassment by the good professor
BTW Faith, no one from UNC replied to the below or my last SEVERAL emails
I've since spoke to legal counsel about this situation and plan to escalate matters if UNC continues to be uncooperative
FYI, I did a public record request for ALL emails from Cramer to UNC -- you may also benefit from such a request
Or I could share my results with you if UNC every replies (I'm still waiting for details)
By examining Cramer's emails with UNC - that he recently posted on web -- I learned much
Namely that UNC is playing both ends against the middle and spinning ALL of us to cover their rear
I've documented several UNC falsehoods that do NOT please me
So be careful dealing with them, as they are apparently playing high level politics
As activists, nothing we can't handle
But as I've said to UNC before - it's hard to negotiate when the other party doesn't reply
I'm therefore hoping UNC will reply to my last few emails and Attorney Stabile will contact me about my records request
Thank you Faith!
- joseph


From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Wednesday, April 27, 2011 9:38:58 AM
To: Strohm, Leslie Chambers
Subject:  Re: acknowledgment (Public Records Request dated 4/20/11)

Attorney Stabile
Thank you for your email
My address:

Joseph Villarosa
PO Box 66
Arkville, NY 12406

Regarding "in accordance with the NC Public Records Act"
I know the law WELL
It's printed, highlighted and in front of me as we "speak"
This is how the applicable section reads:

§ 132‑6.  Inspection and examination of records.

(a)        Every custodian of public records shall permit any record in the custodian's custody to be inspected and examined at reasonable times and under reasonable supervision by any person, and shall, as promptly as possible, furnish copies thereof upon payment of any fees as may be prescribed by law. As used herein, "custodian" does not mean an agency that holds the public records of other agencies solely for purposes of storage or safekeeping or solely to provide data processing.

As such, there is NO definition of "promptly as possible in accordance with the North Carolina Public Records Act"
As in the last "session" your politicians FAILED to agree to a definition (as they did when drafting the actual law)
In this respect, your law is VERY vague and imprecise
Hence, you could (technically) intentionally make me wait several months or more
And then hide behind the nebulous Act/Law and STILL be in compliance
I get it, I get it
Please, provide updates in writing IF this is going to take more than two weeks
As well, so that we FULLY understand each other and to conserve your staff's time needed to "fix" inaccurate requests --
PLEASE provide me with the "specs" (criteria) that you provided your techies
You HAVE to do this, so it's no extra work
And it will ensure I don't want 9 months only to get the wrong material...
I'm NOT trying to be difficult, but I've had my fill of cat/mouse games
I know the law, I know all about the NCDCR
Heck, I even know the Records Management Analyst over UNC
(I spoke to these good people yesterday!!)
So please, kindly oblige my simple requests so we may expedite the processing of these records
i.e., Kindly reply to the two questions above when you've a moment
MANY thanks for processing this
I DO appreciate your time
- jpv



From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Wednesday, April 27, 2011 11:05:41 AM
To: Thorp, Holden
Subject:  Terms of a Compromise

Attachments: April 2009 187 copy 2_edited-1.jpg

Dear UNC
My apologies for ALL of the emails of late
Oddly, if someone called me, there would be LESS need for same (hint)
Believe it or not, I'm TRYING to work WITH UNC and avoid any/all legal action
Hence, this email
I BELIEVE I figured out the terms for a win-win situation
Please consider the below suggestions and FINALLY comment back
FYI, I've discussed this situation with SEVERAL attorneys/law firms
I REALLY do NOT want to take this route against UNC
(And I DO want to against Cramer personally, but I have better things to do with my time)
I'm hoping if WE could come to an agreement NOW, such actions and the negative press thereof may be averted
These are ONLY suggestions
I am by NO MEANS telling UNC what to do; there are merely MY suggestions
UNC to contact Cramer's hosting company (
Please see the below email
Godaddy is the hosting company for
As you know, it was DIRECTLY linked to UNC for MANY years!
Click this link to go back in time (I'm NOT kidding) to 2004
Or type in his URL here and pick ANY date in time
There you will see YOUR UNC co-branded email address labeled on his site!
Hence, I have UNC's digital fingerprint tied to Cramer slanderous website BACK TO 2004!!!!!!!!!!
As well, please understand that Cramer used UNC email accounts to access this website
And to manage it
And to CREATE pages!
I've already documented this and have OTHER PROOF that I will NOT share unless this goes to court
Trust me, Cramer's is DIRECTLY Tied to UNC in MANY MANY WAYS
It's therefore CLEAR that even though the CURRENT UNC links and references have been removed --
The "damage" has already been done (back to 2004 -- I JUST PROVED IT!!!)
A compromise for ALL could be this...
Read the below email
And contact godaddy and ask Godaddy to remove the pages in question
Google my name FIRST to see the SEVERAL other Cramer pages on me as all are NOT on the "Joe" page
You could ALSO ask godaddy to remove the NEW LINKS to UNC/Strohm!!!
If the request comes from "legal" - it MAY very well work
This would make me VERY happy
AND it would ALSO dissociate UNC officially with Cramer and his actions!
IF it does NOT work, you MAY need a court order to get it removed
BUT you can discuss this with godaddy if need be
My point?
Instead of ASKING Cramer to diffuse his venom, just have it legally removed
PLEASE consider this option as it is the fastest way to offer me an olive branch
AND to clear YOUR good name from his website as well (private emails with UNC)
My BIGGEST complaint is that Cramer has adhered to your request to remove links
BUT THEN BOLSTERED the ourpaws page in a deliberate act of passive aggressive retaliation
This is CLEAR
It's THIS PAGE ( that I find MOST offensive
Remove it and the other pages related to me and this would be very helpful
UNC to contact Cramer and ask for HIM to contact Google
It's clear Cramer is an embarrassment to the University and UNC HAS LEGAL GROUNDS against him!
PERHAPS - you could contact him and ask him to remove ALL google search results links to my person, UNC, Walker, etc. through google?
i.e., A Quasi-cease and desist with a built in request to remove the above as a "gesture of good will"
Here is the EXACT site he will need to use:
My point is that if godaddy removes the pages -- they will STILL remain in google search results for YEARS
(Typically) ONLY CRAMER can get these removed
You MAY be able to get some removed (I did) but it would take numerous attempts and many hours of time
I feel you could request this of Cramer in exchange for NOT taking ANY or LESS disciplinary action?
A swap
Fair, legal, equitable
Cease and Desist
Next if UNC could draft a C&D to Cramer naming ALL of the persons he's slandered (Castillo, Villarosa, Walker, Fisher) --
And request he does NOT post ANY future reference to our names (at LEAST MINE as I can't speak for the others)
As well, that he does NOT post ANY reference to UNC's "name" in future web posts
Then I would find this suitable and this MAY potential be what I need to NOT take legal action
This would obviously create a win (Villarosa) - win (Cramer) - win (UNC)
I do NOT want to contact him as the man is belligerent

And to be blunt, I am fearful of physical retaliation from him

I feel the C&D from UNC (cc'd to me- et al) would be a VERY good idea
"Hand Slapping"
Instead of ME suing Cramer or UNC doing a full blown investigation
Why not just delete ALL of his UNC email addresses (he has 4-5)?
As well, I would SERIOUSLY consider deleting his "Cramer" UNC page
He needs to be disciplined and taught a lesson
And these actions directly fall under the powers per your guidelines
These suggestions could be done in literally MINUTES
And would send a STRONG message to Cramer when coupled with the C&D
Again, this is a FAR better option that a lawsuit
AND additional BAD press
The monetary cost of defending a lawsuit is obviously inordinate
BUT the "opportunity costs" are MUCH higher!!
i.e., Clogging up your legal team for this when they SHOULD be working on pure university affairs
Hence, the above "compromise" / suggestions seem to make sense for ALL parties
Kindly consider my thoughts and email back your reply
Feel free to ring me
Please do not misconstrue my email
I'm a strategy analyst and I think WAY out of the box
Sometimes, the easiest and most unorthodox solutions are the best
Case in point
Thank you - joseph
(PS: The below link doesn't work)

-------- Original Message --------


RE: Compliance Complaint against FOCAS/Elliot Cramer by Joseph Villarosa


Fri, 17 Dec 2010 16:54:40 -0700


GoDaddy Abuse Department <>


Joseph Villarosa (Alphanalyst) <>


Dear Joseph,

Thank you for contacting Go Daddy's Spam and Abuse Department. does not allow illegal content on our customer's websites. However, as a hosting provider, it is not our place to determine if the site you have mentioned is actually engaging in illegal activities.


From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Wednesday, April 27, 2011 12:04:37 PM
To: Thorp, Holden
Subject:  Re: Cramer update to Faith Walker (cc. UNC)

Hi Faith
Sorry but I didn't share ANY ATT info with UNC
Hence, I did NOT share info on your to UNC, you are mistaken
I did however contact ATT to ensure OUR complaints made it to the manager WHO ASKED FOR THEM
Please re-read what I sent
i.e., I ONLY provided ONLY to ATT what YOU had ALREADY provided them
Hence, there was NO NEW information provided
I don't see this as a problem, especially since ATT asked to see your complaint
SO they would link it to mine
Also, you said everyone was helpful, thanks great
But sadly your name is still plastered all over Cramer's site
As is mine
Note your personal email address is now available via google searches thanks to Cramer
Click this to see it in living color
Our common goal should be to remove this website/page and ALL references to us
Hopefully UNC will consider some of my suggestions in my earlier email
- joseph


From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2011 11:26:32 PM
To: Thorp, Holden
Subject:  Re: Terms of a Compromise

Attachments: 2011-04-28_2259 Ourpaws Strohm.png; 2011-04-28_2230 cramer taken down.png

I'm bothered that I've not been provided the professional courtesy of a reply to my last several emails
And YET, I keep noting changes to various Cramer related websites and links
I feel it would be better if you communicated any advances with me directly - don't you think?
Versus spending time manually comparing various web pages
For example, you obviously JUST removed his official UNC (Professor) page as evidenced by the below error message
This is GREAT, thank you!
Sadly, as I predicted -- it's too late as now YOUR (our!) NAMES (and PERSONAL emails) are ALL over GOOGLE!
And NOT in a positive light
See below
i.e., Cramer's Professor page is now OFF UNC's website
BUT the "breadcrumbs" to me (and you!) are still in google cache memory
As well, the site he created VIA a UNC email address access to godaddy -- is STILL there
As are the links to several others
I checked his UNC email addresses today and they SEEM to ALL be working
(I MAY be wrong)
Truly, I don't understand why ALL UNC email addresses were not deleted six months ago when I first asked!
Had UNC listened to me MONTHS ago, MUCH of these problems would have been averted
It SEEMS the only thing action taken was you disassociated UNC with Cramer by deleting his professor page
But there's still much more that should be done
If you correct a problem ex post facto, and it's already created collateral damage...
Then unless ALL remnants of the original problem are addressed
The issues STILL EXIST
So removing his page does NOT fix the OTHER problems that originally stemmed from his UNC digital fingerprint
FYI, I have ALL of his sites and yours -- digitally recorded (video)
I have captured ALL changes on a daily basis
From my videos I can extract screenshots of frames
And I have
So I can "measure" the delta between my requests -- and your actions
I thank you for what you've done
But I feel the suggestions I made recently should ALL be executed
I'm again requesting someone contact me on the phone
See TWO screenshots below
My best – joseph

From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Friday, April 29, 2011 12:57:32 PM
To: Thorp, Holden
Subject:  Request for Conference Call with UNC

Ms. Brill
I hope you are well
I need your help please...
We had a long chat several months ago about Professor Cramer
I explained the entire situation and you indicated you would help
Specifically, you promised someone would call me BEFORE you left on vacation
Nor did you EVER follow-up - AS PROMISED
Then I left messages and many emails - requesting a phone call from Luger
I was told she would contact me "during the first week of January 2011"
In fact -- SHE ALSO informed me SHE would contact me "in early January"
See verification of this below
SHE NEVER CALLED ME -- even after TWO promises to do so
This is unprofessional and also directly positioned UNC in a very precarious situation
The matter has escalated -- AS I PREDICTED - thanks to UNC's hand's-off posture
This is a FORMAL REQUEST for YOU to arrange a conference call with:
** Luger
** Strohm
** Myself

I'm hoping we could chat NEXT week as I'm now in receipt of a strongly worded letter from Ms. Faith Walker to Cramer/UNC
Apparently Cramer (AS I PREDICTED!!) threatened someone / HER -- with a GUN!
Wasn't ONE enough?
How many does it take before UNC step's-in?
Does he need to actually commit a crime before UNC realizes the legitimacy of his threats?
I find it curious that UNC legal had con-calls with Walker and my multiple requests have been ignored
EVEN THOUGH I reported the incident MONTHS before Walker!!!
I'm copying the UNC Police on this matter as I've previously contacted them requesting their assistance
ALSO to no avail
(Hint -- THEY ALSO screwed up, as did legal, as did administration, as did ITS, as did HR...)
(Office McNeil -- please forward to Ferguson or whomever the correct authority is)
May I HIGHLY suggest your office circle back with the UNC police to discuss this situation before Cramer actually TAKES actions
The LAST thing UNC needs is more negative Cramer press
Could you imagine if the FACT that I warned UNC about this SIX MONTHS ago -- LEAKS out to the press??????????????
I will politely leave this request in your court
As you are the admin for Attorney Luger, I'm hoping you will accommodate my request
Kindly reply REGARDLESS
My next step will be legal - if I'm again ignored
(Please see entire thread below)
My very best,
- joseph villarosa

From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Monday, May 02, 2011 9:42:40 AM
To: Thorp, Holden
Subject:  Re: Request for Conference Call with UNC

Attachments: 2011-05-02_0947 UNC public safety.png

Ms. Brill
I was hoping for the courtesy of a reply to my below email
I see that Thorp and Public Safety both read and forwarded the below email, cumulatively a dozen or so times
See below for some details
I'm therefore assuming since my records indicate you all received my email, that you've discussed my request
Kindly provide a proposed date and time for a conference call
This will be my last request
Thank you
joseph villarosa

From: Joseph Villarosa (Alphanalyst)
Sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2011 7:18:47 PM
To: Stabile, Regina
Subject:  Re: Villarosa & UNC: Request for Meeting + Records Request (round 2)

I was able to get some weird text files to open from the CD, but they are hard to read
And then I noticed that some of the To/From names were removed
Why is that?
As well, please see my prior email
MANY emails are apparently not on the CD
If you look at Cramer's website, there are tons of UNC emails between him and the university
See links below
I believe the search criteria used may have been too restrictive or inaccurate
Could someone compare it to my request?
I'm confident there are more than 30 emails between Cramer and UNC/Legal/Admin in several months
So PLEASE, before you send 30 emails in the correct eml format, could someone review the situation?
Something is wrong and I don't need another CD if it's the right format, but still incomplete
I hope you understand
See links below for Cramer emails
The emails on Cramer's slander website should be the litmus test for what I need
If ANY emails are there (Cramer/UNC) then I should get it and then some...
Then something is "off"
Could you comment on some of the redactions? 
Are they legally permissible?
I DO appreciate your time, but I also would like to get all of the requested emails


From: Joseph Villarosa
Sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2011 10:57:50 AM
To: Stabile, Regina
Subject: (outlookEMLandMSGconverter Trial Version Import) Villarosa & UNC: Request for Meeting + Records Request (round 2)

Attorney Thompson (bcc)
Per our phone conversation last night, it's time to take action against Cramer and UNC
Could you please send Cramer a formal C&D and a request to retract all information on his website?
As we discussed, I will initiate legal action (no contact order, charges, police reports) on this end soon
As well, could you please send a FORMAL request for a conference call between us and UNC??????
See below for details
I'm way tired of Cramer's slander and UNC's delays
(UNC AGAIN avoided replying to my last FEW formal written requests for a con-call)
I've waited for SIX MONTHS and as I predicted the matter has only worsened
Now, THANKS TO UNC, he is slamming BOTH of us!!!
See ALL links here and then links in links
Thank you!!!!!!!!!
- joseph

Attorney Stabile (Luger, Strohm, Thorp)
I received your CD recently
A few problems:
Please see my below email where I CLEARLY state:

"...It's the year 2011, I specifically request *.eml format (I do NOT want unformatted TEXT) that includes actual IMAGES of all photos and scans AND I ALSO need ALL attachments (not just the NAME of the attached file).  Please either upload the emails a la carte to a web "cloud" ( or OTHER file sharing site) OR to CD or DVD via USPS.  Again, I do NOT want hard copy..."

I could NOT have been more exact in both asking for .eml format
In reality, you sent a CD with 30 files that cannot be read (msg format) because you did not adhere to ANY of my above requests
Please send me what I requested -- all emails in an *.eml format as I'm on a Mac (on Thunderbird email client)
And you sent me a Windows Exchange compatible format (20% of the world is OFF Windows now)
Note as well - that I'm a techie and I've spent now FOUR HOURS trying to import, convert and read these emails to NO avail
My per diem is no different than a "good attorney" hence I have no time or patience to squander converting files
I've given it the college try; now please send what I requested
You may also avoid a CD entirely and upload to a private file share site as I requested below
In theory your techs should be able to EASILY save these files to *.eml or compatible another Mac Thunderbird email client format
Then upload to a cloud
This should take no more than a few minutes as you've already identified the files
(Though as detailed below, I feel you missed MANY)
Note as well that *.msg formats are NOT "standard" - they are one of dozens of email formats, hence I'm perplexed as to why you provided same
Against my written wishes and with no notice that UNC would take it upon yourselves to provide YOUR format
I noticed that Cramer has RECENTLY posted MY APRIL emails to UNC on his website
In my mind, this implies you were able to CORRECTLY fulfill his NC Public Record law request, yet NOT mind...
As well, this email is being sent to Luger, Strohm and Thorp who have AGAIN not replied to my MANY requests to meet
Below is my UNANSWERED EMAIL to Brill (Admin Asst.)
I have return receipts that THIS EXACT EMAIL was opened, shared and read MANY times!!!
Hence, I was AGAIN, INTENTIONALLY IGNORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As I predicted Cramer -- has CONTINUED his slash and burn campaign
See this:
See "And end to fruitcake..."
See "The Nuts's correspondence"
See "Correspondence with Leslie Strohm"...
All found here:
THEN see this page from Cramer where he BLASTS UNC and yours truly
I'm sending this because there are MANY MANY emails here between Cramer and UNC
And the CD I was provided had only 30 emails
As an example. there are about TWENTY EMAILS on JUST this Cramer page
And yet you claim there are only 30 in TOTAL over the six month period of time?
No way, something is wrong on your end -- you did NOT provide ALL of the emails I requested
Humor me and have someone reconcile the CD contents to ALL of Cramer's posts
You will then see my logic is never wrong
I want EVERY EMAIL from/to Cramer as allowed by LAW -- I'm guessing you missed MANY
(I'm believe you missed DOZENS)
But I cannot reconcile as you sent the wrong format
My point?
UNC naively thought that by disassociating Cramer by removing the UNC links to his page you would be legally protected
You were sorely mistaken for the dozens of reasons I've provided in the past
Instead -- you only inflamed the situation and now he is retaliating AGAINST BOTH OF US as evidenced by the above and below link
AND by this Herald Son article on US by Cramer
After clicking the link in the article - you are taken DIRECTLY to the FALSIFIED THREATS (by me) against Susan Barrett
As well as other PRIVATE emails
Cramer has INTENTIONALLY created this page then INTENTIONALLY driven traffic to this page
As such, HE has CLEARLY breach NC Cyberstalking laws on numerous occasions
And yet, UNC has done nothing to effectively police his spew
You will now hear from Attorney Thompson who is NOT retained AT THIS POINT
As such, I AM STILL PRO SE and she is merely facilitating communication due to your resistance
- joseph


From: Joseph Villarosa (Alphanalyst)
Sent: Wednesday, May 18, 2011 12:49:17 PM
To: Stabile, Regina
Subject:  Re: Villarosa & UNC: Request for Meeting + Records Request (round 2)

Attorney Stabile
Please see the below screenshot taken RIGHT from an email you provided
Note, no "To" field or email address
I did NOT edit this, this is how you provided
Hence, there are clear redactions in the material you provided
Please check this email on your end
It COULD be the program I used to open it
BUT I do NOT think so as I have many other emails with the "To" field complete
I'm writing because I'd like ALL emails requested; not just 30
And I'd like complete emails
Please check your CD before you sent it against the Cramer website
There you will find scores of emails between himself and UNC
If it's on his website, then I should get it/them as these were UNC related emails
Again, I'm looking for ALL such emails, not just those on his website
There shouldn't be MORE on his website than what you provide
There are clearly more than 30 emails

From: Joseph Villarosa (Alphanalyst)
Sent: Thursday, May 19, 2011 9:46:42 AM
To: Stabile, Regina
Subject:  Re: Villarosa & UNC: Request for Meeting + Records Request (round 2)

Regarding your comment about redactions
Here's what the laws indicates is exempt (below)
After reviewing this list, I can't image the emails I'm requesting to include ANY of the below
Therefore, I'm not sure what type of information you would need to redact
Please ensure any redacted information adheres to the following statutes
You are not entitled to redact sections of the emails that may present legal liability to UNC
I know the law
This is my assumption of what you meant when you cited redactions
Please, no "doctored" documents
As an example - why does the below email NOT have a "To" field?
As this was a  single email you provided, I'm assuming this is how it arrived
Was this field redacted?
If so, you are NOT allowed to do so per the law
Please advise