Joe Villarosa – Asshole, Internet Harasser and so-called Animal Activist

ASSHOLE JOE is at it again.  He tried to file a cyberstalking complaint against me in Chatham County and they blew him off.  Perhaps someone can spay or neuter Joe.  Joe’s objection evidently is to this website; what’s his problem?  Everything here is true.

POOR JOE - He is SO dumb. Alas, no one pays any attention to his garbage any more.

Look at what the idiot is up to now!  Go for it Joe: G2 Institute Challenge

Joe belongs in an institution!!!


A No Contact Court order for internet harassment has been issued in Forsyth County Courthouse against Joseph Villarosa.

A warrant has now been issued for his arrest on a charge of communicating threats.  He has been notified that he will be arrested if he ever comes to North Carolina

                                      SLAPP Suit filed by Joe’s friends and thrown out by the Court  August 2, 2012

                                                                  News article about SLAPP suit

                                                                  Joe is in trouble in New York

Joseph P. Villarosa, 53, of Arkville was arrested by state police on August 24 (2012) and charged with third-degree menacing after he allegedly threatened a woman with a tire iron who had driven up his driveway. The woman, who works for a mortgage company, had driven to the property to determine if it was occupied.  Villarosa was arraigned in Town of Middletown Justice Court and released on his own recognizance to reappear on September 12. 

The court also issued an order of protection for the unidentified woman.  Details

Reportedly His home is being foreclosed on and his car was taken last week per the courthouse.

Joseph Villarosa vs UNC updated October 6, 2012

The Jerk's "confidential" June 8 Email

Nutty Joe's False Complaints -

Psychiatrists near Arkville, NY

The “Fake” Joseph Villarosa

Another nut-case, self-promoter, and trouble-maker -- Faith Walker updated June 14, 2011

An end to fruitcake Joe's dealings with UNC?

Nutty Joe threatens UNC Vice-President - I set you up, you stepped into my trap What a fool

The nut's correspondence with UNC General Administration

Read what the nut has to say about himself; he seems to be delusional.

For some reason, Joseph Villarosa of Arkville, NY has involved himself with problems at the Robeson County, NC animal shelter. Villarosa wrote a lengthy article suggesting changes in the Robeson shelter.

He writes that it was "Prepared by Joseph Villarosa of the emerging Animal Rights Think Tank and G2|K9 Institute" These are evidently non-existent groups. He also says "Respectfully submitted by a group of well intentioned animal rights activists." It was obviously submitted by him alone. This report evidently was not well received and had no impact on the shelter operation. Joe says he has a colorful background"; he sure does -- an analyst, humanitarian, poet, strategist, animal advocate, Ivy grad - he forgot to add JERK.

FOCAS has, along with many others have supported a lawsuit by the Gerber Animal Law Center. This lawsuit has resulted in profound changes at the shelter (press release) and (news article).

Evidently Villarosa is jealous because others have achieved what he could not and he has been harassing members of FOCAS because of its support of the lawsuit. He began with a false claim that he wanted to contribute to FOCAS but needed more information. This escalated into harassment (click here for letters).

It appears that Villarosa is a disturbed paranoid individual; and his various postings and emails attest to this. He uses tracking software to track the opening and forwarding of his emails. He had a friend-lawyer write me and I suggested that she could help him by referring him to a psychiatrist. See Rant by Internet harasser Joseph Villarosa

Villarosa has also been harassing the North Carolina Rottweiler Rescue group. He has fostered one of their dogs and has refused to return it. FOCAS has nothing to do with NCRR except that both groups (as well as lawyers connected with the Robeson case) have been harassed by Villarosa. He has made false claims to the NC Secretary of State but NCRR has been quickly cleared.
Letter from NC Secretary of State office

All of Joe's attempts at harassment have failed. What will the TURD think of next.

Villarosa sent this stupid false 91 page harangue to various organizations with the following results.

UNC Legal - They have not been able to substantiate ANY of his claims

NC Secretary of State - I sent them our 990 and they now list us as exempt. Of course we have ALWAYS been exempt

UNC Police and Safety - They evidently ignore nuts like Joe

Paypal - we sent them our 990 and they are happy with us

Bellsouth abuse - They evidently ignore nuts like Joe

Hostonce - They evidently ignore nuts like Joe

The dispute with Leslie Strohm - UNC Vice Chancellor and General Counsel Resulting from Harassment by Joseph Villarosa

Elliot Cramer's Resume

Last updated November 15, 2012