·  Legal Testimony

·  Wollert, R., & Cramer, E. . Sampling Extreme Groups Invalidates Research on the Paraphilias: Implications for DSM-5 and Sex Offender Risk Assessments. Behavioral Sciences and the Law, Behav. Sci. Law 29: 554–565 (2011)


·  Waggoner, J., Wollert, R., & Cramer, E. (2008). A respecification of Hanson's updated Static-99 experience table that controls for the effects of age on sexual recidivism among young offenders Law, Probability, and Risk, 7, 305-312.


·  Wollert, R., Cramer, E., Waggoner, J., Skelton, A., & Vess, J. Recent research (N=9,305) underscores the importance of using age-stratified actuarial tables in sex offender risk assessments. Sex Abuse November 23, 2010 vol. 22 no. 4 471-490

·  Statement on Hanson's citicism of Wollert's use of Baysian methods

·  Hanson Correspondence

·  Evaluation of Hanson's 2009 views on the use of the original Static-99 tables

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