Letter to the Editor - Chapel Hill News May 11, 2011

Elliot Cramer made these recommendations on September 23, 1998. This followed the claim by OWASA's planning director Ed Holland that there was exponential growth in the demand for Water at OWASA.

In OWASA's 50 year plan, February 24, 2000, OWASA said that it's Phase I improvements would increase the water supply from 11mgd to 15 mgd in 15 years. It said that the water supply would be about 17mgd with a one billion gallon quarry, (the quarry was then 1.3 billion gallons). It said that the supply would be 20mgd with a 3 billion gallon quarry, the expected size of the expanded quarry in 2035

OWASA now falsely claims that it's supply is less than 11mgd and will be about 12mgd in 2035 with the quarry

OWASA's previous projections were wildly inaccurate

OWASA's Historic growth is obviously linear and must flatten with buildout.

Ed Holland now "explains the Jordan Lake request"

Elliot Cramer wrote about the facts to officials on March 19, 2011

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