UNC general counsel has too much time to spare

Inside Higher Ed Article on Use of the UNC IT System by Cramer

†† Response from UNC

Chapel Hill Herald - Annoy UNC to silence its profs

Daily Tarheel - University leaders have censored free speech

The Hecklerís Veto: Another Blow for Freedom of Speech at Carolina

Retired UNC prof loses email in brouhaha

Who Owns My Gravitas?

Chronical of Higher Education - Emeritus Professors

'Chronicle' Article on Emeritus Faculty Highlights Case of Wronged UNC Professor

UNC Shows No Backbone††††††† Also see FIRE Press Release

Daily Tarheel: Former professor to take legal action after losing network privileges


Daily Tarheel: False accusations led to loss of emailing rights


Tarheel Editorial with Errors


My Response: UNC retaliated against Cramerís free speech


†††† Documentation for above





Modified October 8, 2011