Death Penalty Issues

Gutted? Good!  Letter News and Observer 7/8/2012

Statement to House Select Committee on Racial Discrimination in Capital Cases February 1, 2012

Beaufort Observer -  Legislature to consider override of Perdue's veto of RJA  December 20, 2011

Guest Editorial on Racial Justice act Carrboro Citizen   December 15, 2011

Emasculated Letter - News and Observer  December 6, 2011

Guest on Racial Justice Act - Chapel Hill Herald  August 8, 2010

Guest Editorial on Racial Justice Act - Chapel Hill News   August 11, 2010

Letter to the Editor on Racial Justice Act  May 21, 2010

Text of North Carolina Racial Justice Act

Guest editorial in Chapel Hill News on proposed Racial Justice Act  July 6, 2009

Ferguson response with my comments  Chapel Hill News  July 12, 2009

Baldus Guest Editorial   Herald-Sun July 29, 2009

Cramer response to Baldus Guest Editorial  Herald-Sun August 6, 2009

Guest Editorial  on Racial Justice act Carrboro Citizen  August 12, 2010

unpublished N&O Point of View  July 15, 2009

Letter to Independent on Death penalty  July 1, 2009

Edited N&O letter July 17, 2009

Criticisms of the Baldus Study

Comparison of odds ratio to probability ratio

Unah's admission of error "3.5 times ..."

Emails requesting data from Unah and Boger

Charlotte Observer flawed article on Racial Justice Act with comments

Beyond Fixing - Editorial in opposition to "Racial Justice Act" News and Observer July 19, 2009

Cramer Statement to House Committee on the Racial Justice Act

Mcneil Statement to House Committee

Fiscal impact of Racial Justice Act

Evaluation of original claim of racial discrimination 1983 North Carolina vs Rook

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